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Conscious Conversations

Every day I am inspired by people around the world choosing to wake up, show up and be themselves.

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Unstuck – 1 Day Event

Personal One on One Life Coaching Sessions (unperson or online)

Group Coaching Sessions (Office or Team Group Coaching & Facilitation)

Energetic Body Transformation sessions (in person)

Life Between Lives Regression Sessions (in person)

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Conscious You was started by accomplished Global Wellness Coach, Samantha Lewis.
With over 20 years of experience, Samantha has created several one-of-a-kind sessions and events that assist  people in freeing themselves from self-imposed limitations, bringing about clarity and enjoyment of living.
Through her unique approach of applying energy and coaching conversations, Samantha arms you with the tools to embark on your personal, unique life journey . When you have an unwavering love and understanding of who you are, the possibilities are endless!
Embrace the wonder of living a beautiful life, uniquely being YOU!